Could not resolve MX list for domain appears in my debug log


When inspecting the logs, it shows that the server is failing to look up DNS to determine the host names of when it is sending mail outbound.

In some cases, firewall or protections software installed on the server may prevent DNS lookups. In such a case, the following line will appear in the SMTP debug log file:

07/15/04 08:50:23 ME-E0124: Error (10013): Could not resolve MX list for domain [xxxxxxx]


If there are problems sending outbound mail, it usually relates to DNS or firewall issues.
This can be determined by inspecting the logs and reviewing any errors reported when MailEnable is attempting to send mail to remote servers.

This error means that a Windows sockets error of 10013 occurred when attempting to look up the DNS records for <yourdomain>.com.

Error 10013 is a permission denied error. This means that the server is being denied access to query DNS servers because of a firewall.


Which DNS Server should be used?:

Windows DNS Server Response Codes:

Troubleshooting DNS MX Lookup Issues:

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