Quota Notifications - Troubleshooting


Information on the quota system - how to configure and how it works.


How do quotas work within MailEnable?

There are two types of quota notifications within MailEnable;

1. The mailbox full setting

2. The post office level mailbox is % full setting (Enterprise Edition only) 

Both of these notifications are measured against the quota setting in the mailbox properties, but are managed separately from each other. 

The setting of a mailbox quota is done through the Administration Program or via web administration.

Once a mailbox setting is set for a user, there are two notifications that can be sent;

1. When a mailbox has reached its quota level, a notification will be sent to the sender alerting them that the message they sent did not reach the recipient due to a quota breach.

2. When a mailbox has reached the quota limit as set in the Agents tab of a Post Office, a warning message is sent to the recipient or mailbox owner alerting them that their mailbox has reached 5%-50% usage level, this message will remain at the top of a mailbox until this quota limit is again under the defined quota setting (Enterprise Edition only).

NOTE: Please note that the calculation of a mailbox size is not immediate and there is a ten minute delay between every calculation of a mailbox size. 

When a message or messages arrive in a mailbox, the calculation of the mailbox size and the comparison to the set quota are calculated on the first message sent or received after the ten minute flag is passed.  MailEnable stores the mailbox size limit in a file located in a mailbox folder which is called _DIRSIZE.TMP.

From versions 1.6 Professional and 1.1 Enterprise there is an added option to select what folders are to be monitored if a quota setting has been enforced for the mailbox. This setting can be found under the Post Office Connector > Properties under "Quota enumeration". This can either be set to monitor the "inbox" only, or set it to monitor all users mail folders.

Why are quota notifications not working?

The steps to check if quota notifications are configured correctly are below;

1. Ensure that a mailbox quota is set in the Administration Program. Go to Mailbox > Properties.  The setting is: "Mailbox has size limit".
2. The time setting under Admin Program > Servers > Services > Management > Quota Notification Agent, needs to have elapsed as any comparisons against a set quota are calculated at the interval set here, and any notifications are sent after this service has run.

How to set quotas

Quotas are set within either the Administration Program or the web administration web page. Using either interface can enable or disable a quota for a mailbox, or enter a quota setting in kilobytes for mailbox folder size.

What are the management fields that can be set for quotas?

There are two configuration settings for the quota system after the mailbox quota level has been set. 

An administrator can set for each post office:

1. Whether warning levels are to be sent to a user, and;

2. At what percentage of a mailbox usage will this notification be sent (Enterprise Edition only)

These settings are configured in the Agents tab of the Post Office Properties.


What happens when mailbox quotas are exceeded?: http://www.mailenable.com/kb/content/article.asp?ID=ME020226

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