Outlook 2003, Express - Alternate Sent Items folder path when using IMAP


How to configure alternate Sent Items folders for IMAP configured mailboxes.


Outlook Express - Alternate "Sent Items" folder for IMAP:

Choose Accounts from the Tools menu, click on the Mail tab, and select the account that has been configured to retrieve mail from the IMAP service.

1. Select the Properties button and change to the IMAP tab.
2. Select the check box next to "Store special folders on IMAP server"
3. In "Sent Items path" type in the desired sent items folder.
4. Click OK to save this new configuration. 

Outlook 2003 - Alternate "Sent Items" folder for IMAP:

1. To add a sent-items folder different from the default "Sent Items" folder, right-click on the IMAP account and select New Folder...
2. Enter (I.e: sent-mail) in the Name field. Select OK.
3. The folder will now appear under the IMAP account folder tree in the left-hand preview pane. Select the folder sent-mail so that it is highlighted
4. From the View menu, select Arrange By -> Current View -> Customize Current View.... and select the Fields... button.
5. Select Sent in the left field. Select Add.
6. Select To in the left field. Select Add.
7. Sort those items so that To is under From and Sent is under Received.
8. Use the Move Up/Move Down buttons for each of those items to get them into position.
9. Select From in the left field. Select Remove.
10. Select Received in the left field. Select Remove. Select OK
11. Select Options from the Tools menu and select the E-Mail Options button.
12. Uncheck the box 'Save copies of messages' in the Sent Items folder. Select OK

As a last step, you need to set up a rule to save your sent mail in your sent-mail IMAP folder.
1. Select Rules and Alerts... from the Tools menu.
2. Select the New Rule... button.
3. Select the Start from a blank rule button.
4. Select the line 'Check messages after sending'. Select Next.
5. Select the 'uses the form name form' checkbox and select the form name link in the bottom half of this window.
7. Check the box move a copy to the specified folder.
8. Click specified in the bottom half of this window.
9. Select the sent-mail folder from your IMAP account. Select OK.
10. A pop up window may come up with a warning message about the "folder does not support Unicode", ignore this and Select OK and then Next.
11. In the next "Rules Wizard" window there is nothing to configure, click Next.
12. Name this rule sent-mail. Select Finish.
13. The sent-mail rule will now appear in the list of rules. If the checkbox is not on, there may be an error with the rule. Make sure you are online and go back to the Rules window later to make sure it can be turned on without  an error. Select OK.


Some mesages may not appear in IMAP Message list when using Outlook Express: http://www.mailenable.com/kb/content/article.asp?ID=ME020312

Outlook Express does not show sent date in Sent Items folder with HTTPMail: http://www.mailenable.com/kb/content/article.asp?ID=ME020279

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