MailEnable diagnostic reports: No Server Detected


MailEnable Diagnostic Report states 'No Server Detected'.


MailEnable is unable to accept connections from remote clients (including the diagnostic report) if the server blocks specific ports through IP Port filters. A server that has been configured to only allow connections on a small subset of ports under its Windows Networking settings will not be able to accept connections from the Internet.


Ensure that the required SMTP, POP and IMAP ports (e.g. 25, 110, 143) are allowed to accept connections from the Internet.

This can be done as follows (assuming Windows 2000):

1. Open the Internet network connection under Start|Control Panel|Network Connections (alternatively, if the Local Area Network connection icon is visible in the system taskbar, double click on its icon)
2. Open the Properties for the connection and select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) from the list
3. Select the Properties button
4. Select the Advanced.. button
5. Select the Options tab
6. Select TCP/IP filtering from the Optional Settings list and then select Properties.
7. Change the settings to allow connection on the respective MailEnable ports e.g. 25,110, 143, 8080, depending on the desired protocols.

Changing these settings will require a server reboot before becoming effective.


How to access the MailEnable Diagnostic Report?:

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016