At what rate can MailEnable send messages to a distribution list?


 The rate at which MailEnable sends messages to a distribution list for delivery.


The speed at which MailEnable processes a list depends on the validity of the e-mail addresses in the list, the size of the message and available bandwidth (amongst other factors). There is no hard coded limit on the number of members in a list, although for large lists requiring through ad hoc subscriptions (i.e.: e-mail subscriptions or by signup pages), the Enterprise Edition of the product is a better choice than the Professional or Standard Editions to avoid contention in updating the members within the list.

It is not possible to predict how long it will take to send out messages to a list (of an unknown size) because there are too many variables (some of which are mentioned earlier .. but others like disk I/O speed etc. are also relevant).  For example, a list may contain a large number of spam trapped e-mails and remote servers may tarpit the server to slow down delivery etc.

Most mail servers (including MailEnable) will send out more than 2 messages per second (MailEnable under some conditions can send out a much higher volume of messages per second).

Please see for guidelines on how to configure MailEnable for improved performance.

Perhaps consider a conservative case of 2 messages per second as an estimation of throughput (once again - the throughput is more determined by the hardware, environment and list validity than it is determined by the mail server dispatching).


How to programmatically send bulk mailouts:

How to bulk import a large number of users in to a MailEnable list:

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