Troubleshooting integrated filtering


Troubleshooting integrated filtering.


Troubleshooting the behaviour of filters can be quite complicated because it requires reviewing each filters criteria and generating/inspecting messages as they pass through the MTA.

STEP 1: Disable any Custom or 3rd Party Pickup Events

As the first step in diagnosing, disable any pickup event that may be running. This willmean that only the basic integrated MTA filtering provided in MailEnable Professional and Enterprise Editions is being utilized.

To disable MTA pickup events via the MailEnable Management Console:

1. Open the MailEnable Administration program from the MailEnable Program group
2. Expand the tree MailEnable Management|Servers|localhost|Agents|MTA
3. Right click on the MTA branch on the left hand tree view and select Properties
4. Uncheck the option called "Enable pickup event"

STEP 2: Configure a Basic Integrated Filter 

Start with a basic filter that simply checks the message for a specific string. Define a rule that forwards a copy of the message to another mail user. The intention is to define a basic filter and then send some test e-mails through the MTA to test that the filter is executing correctly.

Details for creating such filters are provided in the MailEnable User Manuals.

STEP 3: Reviewing the Results of the Filter

Inspect the MTA and filter log files to determine whether the filter was actioned. This can be determined by reviewing the contents of the filter results log file to determine if the filter is actually being executed.

This file is located in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Mail Enable\Logging\MTA

The name of the file is MTAFILTER-Report-YYMMDD.log (where YYMMDD represents the year, month and day)

This file should contain an entry denoting that the filter was actioned.

There should be one line for each "filtered" message running through the MTA


Global/Mailbox Filtering - Troubleshooting:

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