How to configure an antivirus filter as a system message filter


How to configure an antivirus filter with current versions of MailEnable Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition.

Note: Versions of MailEnable Professional Edition before 1.54 had all antivirus filtering configured under the Servers|..|Agents|MTA branch of the administration program. (This also applies to versions Enterprise Edition prior to 1.03). The antivirus agents used by MailEnable to scan for viruses are now configured under Servers|..|Filters|MailEnable Message Filter|MailEnable Antivirus Filter.


In versions after and including Professional Edition 1.54 and Enterprise Edition 1.03, a filter needs to be created in the MailEnable Administration Program.  The filter needs to detect when the message contains a virus and deletes the message or quarantines it, notifies sender, etc.

(Note: In addition to creating a filter, the antivirus agents MailEnable should use when scanning for viruses also needs to be defined).

Instructions for creating such a filter follows:

1. Open the MailEnable Administration Program

2. Right click on the Messaging Manager|Filters branch and create a new filter.

3. In the name field enter something like "Antivirus Filter" (without the quotes).

4. Having created the filter, edit the criteria for the filter as follows:

  • Check the criteria "Where the message contains a virus"

5.  Create the actions that are undertaken when the virus is detected. E.g.

  • Copy the message to the Quarantine directory
  • Delete Message


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