MailEnable web mail client shows attachment icon (paperclip), but no attachment is present


When receiving email into the MailEnable web mail client it shows that there is an attachment when it is received but there is actually no attachment.


This is because of the way a web mail message has been encoded.  The issue is related to performance while ensuring that a receiving clients message list display does not have to parse a complete message each time it is displayed in an inbox list display.  The MailEnable web mail client will tag any email with a multi part mime message in the header this is so all clients know they can view the email in its desired format.

So in any MailEnable product that contains web mail the client it will look at the content type of a message, rather than scanning the whole message in order to detect any attachments.  Depending on what content type is given to a message it is possible that the message may result in displaying an attachment icon. 

The problem occurs because the same format and tag is used for attachments.  The issue where web mail will use the tag of multi part mime in the header and think there is an attachment so display the web mail attachment icon.

Class:BUG: Product Defect/Bug
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016