Unable to log-in to web mail and web administration after database migration.


Web mail and web admin cannot log-in after database migration.


If only web mail and web administration are experiencing authentication issues, then the problem is most likely an SQL Server permissions problem.


Permissions for the database need to be adjusted.  This problem means that the user account that is trying to access the database does not have permission to do so.

If SQL Server integrated security is enabled, then the IME_ADMIN Windows user needs to have full access to the MailEnable database created under SQL Server. SQL Profiler can be used to audit security events, including authentication failures.

If the data source (ODBC) is set to Windows authentication then the IME_ADMIN user must have access to the database. If the setting for the data source (ODBC) is set to SQL server authentication then the user specified must have permissions in the database.

The solutions are to either configure SQL and the Provider Migration Utility to use username/password authentication, or, to grant the IME_ADMIN user dbo access to the MailEnable database in SQL Server.

The easiest way is to set the data source to SQL server authentication and add the administrator as the account. Set permissions for the administrator to access the database.

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016