Store or keep a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail on the server


For security and legislative reasons, a copy of all mail going through a server may need to be kept.  This article explains a process that allows you to retain a copy of all incoming and outgoing mail. 


Step One: Create a Filter
To create a filter open the MailEnable Administration Program->Messaging Manager->Post Offices->Filter Properties (Right Click)->Select New and then select a name for the new mail filter ie "All Mail Copy"

Step Two: Create Criteria
Right click on your newly created filter "All Mail Copy" in the right hand display window and select "Manage....."

In the criteria window select "All Messages - Process this filter actions for all messages" by putting a tick in the selection box as per this diagram. Completing the above will ensure that every message that is passed through the Mail Transfer Agent in MailEnable (effectively, every message) can have an action associated with it.

Step Three: Create an action
Now click on the "Add action....." button and select in the window to "Forward message to specified recipient"

After this is completed, enter a valid local mailbox to forward the mail to.  The forwarding of messages in this option works like a redirection and as such does not alter the message content or headers.  To complete the creation of the filter, ensure that the mailbox that was entered is valid and that it is able to receive mail. 

After creating the filter, test that it is working.  The end result will be all mail is copied to the mailbox selected.  This allows you to log in and check all mail or download and delete the mail if necessary.  If you are only storing and do not need to regularly monitor the mailbox you should set up a batch file or script to remove all *.mai files from the box at desired intervals.  This could also be manually performed via the mailbox properties through the MailEnable Administration Program or through a mail client.


For further information on the filtering capabilities of MailEnable, please check the product manual available through the MailEnable Program Group->Documentation, or online here .

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