Web mail error - authentication fails after running Provider Migration Utility


After running the Provider Migration Utility to migrate from tab-delimited files to SQL, web mail returns with an authentication failed error when logging in. When trying to retrieve the mail via POP3 [Outlook], it works with the same username and password.

If the problem does not exist after reverting back to tab delimited files, then the following situation may apply.


This is due to the DSN that has been configured to access the SQL Server database. If a trusted connection is being used then make sure that the IME_ADMIN Windows user has permissions on the database.  The web mail DLL is running under the context of IME_ADMIN, this is unless the user has been added to the SQL Server as an allowed user.


The easiest solution is to change the DSN properties (MailEnable-SQL Server) to use SQL Server authentication (e.g. Use sa/password or another user that has been configured in SQL Server).

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016