Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-052 may cause administration program script errors


Script errors occur within the administration program when attempting to access some sections, resulting in minor functionality loss.

Other Windows applications will not function. For example, the Control Panel, Explorer and other applications may simply render a red "X" instead of their normal view.

The Microsoft Management Console (MMC) for other applications may fail to render correctly.


A recently released Microsoft Security Bulletin MS05-052 can cause significant issues with computers. This release can cause script errors in MMC applications (including the MailEnable administration application).


Microsoft has released the following Knowledge Base article to resolve the issue:


The resolution mentioned above should overcome the scripting errors within the MMC.

A potential workaround to this issue is to uninstall the MS05-052 until such time as a subsequent patch overcomes the issues it causes with MMC applications. Before uninstalling the hotfix, consider potential exposure to the issues addressed in the hotfix. It is advisable to avoid using Internet Explorer on the MailEnable server or restrict its access to the Internet to mitigate the risk of the potential exploits outlined in Security Bulletin MS05-052. 

Instructions for uninstalling Security Bulletin MS05-052 follow:

  1. Security Bulletin MS05-052 may prevent Explorer from functioning correctly, therefore, change Explorer to use the Windows Classic View. This is done under the Change the view setting had to use the Spuninst.exe utility located in the Tools > Folder Options menu.
  2. Use Explorer to navigate to %Windir%\$NTUninstallKB896688-IE6SP1-20051004.130236$\Spuninst folder (or use the command line to change to the directory).
  3. From this directory, run spuninst.exe (which removes the update from the computer) 


More information on Security Bulletin MS05-052 is available from the Microsoft Web Site, or by contacting Microsoft directly. 

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