Advanced migration of a clustered MailEnable configuration from one server to another server


How to migrate MailEnable's configuration and message store from one server to another in a clustered environment. The article outlines an approach to upgrading a clustered MailEnable implementation that minimizes system downtime whilst moving the message store.


STEP 1: Installing and Clustering the Target Server

1. Ensure that the administrator accounts on both servers are identical or that they are part of the same domain

2. Install MailEnable Enterprise Edition on the new server.

3. From the old server, map a drive from to the directory containing the POSTOFFICES message store of the new server (i.e. the directory where all the post office message stores are located).

4. Run the following command to create a skeleton store to contain the messages on the new server.

XCOPY [OldServerPostoffices Directory] [NewServerPosofficesDirectory] /T /E

This will create the structure of the messages store directory on the new server (but not the messages themselves).

5. COPY the CONFIG directory from the old server to the equivalent location on the new server

6. If the target server is using a database provider for its configuration, configure the new server to use the database for its configuration and to connect to the existing store.

7. Having done all of the steps above, attempt to sign into the new server as though it were an active server on the cluster. Test its configuration and integrity by using web mail and other services on the server itself.

STEP 2: Migrating the Message Store

Since the new server is now available and can be accessed, it is now possible to direct traffic to the new server.

1. Redirecting Server Traffic

Change the IP address of the existing /old server to ensure that it no longer will answer requests for sending or accessing mail.

Make the IP address of the new server to match the IP address(es) of the old server (to ensure that all users hit at the new server).

Alternatively, update the DNS to have the users access the new server in preference to the old server.

2. Moving Existing Mail

Begin moving mail onto the new server from the old server.

This can be done using the XCOPY command similar to that outlined above.


XCOPY [OldServerPostoffices Directory] [NewServerPosofficesDirectory]

Note: The process will take quite some time to migrate all the data across to the new server.

3. Re-instating or Recovering the Roles of other Servers

In a clustered environment, there are likely to be other servers that are performing specific roles that formed part of the old cluster. These servers can optionally form part of the new cluster by clustering them via the normal means (changing their message store location to point to the MailEnable$ share of the new backend server.)

Instructions for doing this are outlined in the MailEnable Enterprise Edition Manual as well as here:


How to copy or migrate the MailEnable configuration and data from one server to another:

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