How to specify the host name that MailEnable reports when sending outbound mail


When MailEnable attempts to connect to a remote mail server, it will announce its host name as part of the outbound mail transaction. Many mail hosts will use this field to validate the authenticity of the mail being sent.

As such it is important that to ensure that the host name that is configured for MailEnable is defined in the public DNS or that the correct host name is specified.


MailEnable allows you to configure this host name via the MailEnable Management Console.

Under the General tab of the SMTP Connector Properties there are two fields at the top of the page (Local Domain Name and Default mail domain name)

If only the local domain name is specified, when MailEnable needs to report the fully qualified host name of the computer, it will query Windows to determine the computer name and will prepend this to the supplied Local Domain Name.

For more control over the host name that is reported by MailEnable, specify the name of the "Default mail domain name " field and this will be used instead of the Windows computer name.

e.g.: For a Windows server with the name "WINSRV20" which specified the Local Domain Name as, then MailEnable will announce as "".

But for MailEnable to announce as "", "mail" would need to be entered in the optional host name field.

Restart the SMTP connector having made these changes.

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016