How to load "failsafe" ASP.NET/.NET Framework settings for Professional and Enterprise Editions v 2.0


After upgrading MailEnable from an existing installation, web mail and/or web administration may not function on some IIS web sites.


.NET releases of web mail and web admin rely on the Microsoft .NET Framework and ASP.NET being installed and configured on the MailEnable server. MailEnable's installation attempts to diagnose and resolve any configuration problems, but does not resolve all potential security/integration issues that may cause ASP.NET/MailEnable to fail.

For example, MailEnable will fail for some web sites, if different versions of the .NET framework is being used on the server or if third party software has configured MailEnable web sites in a non-standard fashion.


MailEnable has provided an updated MEInstaller application that attempts to comprehensively address any .NET framework security or configuration issues.

This utility can be downloaded from the following location:

After downloading the MEInstaller application into the MailEnable BIN directory, execute the following two items from the list.

1. "WebMail Installation"

2. "Reset IIS Virtual Directory Paths..."

When resetting the IIS Virtual Directory Paths, the MEInstaller will prompt for the version of the Framework to configure for use with MailEnable. Select the highest version number displayed in the list.

Having done this, attempt to access web mail or web admin.

If web mail or web admin cannot be accessed, consider raising a support ticket as per as it may be necessary for an engineer to access the server to diagnose the issue


If MailEnable's .NET web mail cannot be configured, an option is to revert to the ASP web mail that was formerly available in the 1.x releases whilst attempting to diagnose the .NET issue. This can be done by running the MailEnable setup kit and selecting the ASP option when prompted for the web mail/web admin platform.

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