IIS reports "The parameter is incorrect." when attempting to start web mail or web administration sites


Attempting to start either of the MailEnable web mail or MailEnable web administration web sites via the Internet Information Services (IIS) Management Console, reports "The parameter is incorrect."


When MailEnable is installed, it creates two IIS Web Sites called "MailEnable WebMail" and "MailEnable WebAdmin". By default, both of these sites are stopped when they are created.

These sites are placeholder sites for any host header mappings that have been configured via the Administration Program.

There is no need to attempt to start these web sites unless the option to add a host header to MailEnable WebMail or WebAdmin has been enabled.

If these sites are started without having specified a host header mapping, the IIS Manager will report the following error:

"The parameter is incorrect."

IIS reports this error because there are no host headers mapped to the IIS web site, and there is no point in starting the web site without any host headers defined.


To resolve this issue, either

1. do not attempt to start these web sites


2. define a valid host header for the web site.

It is possible to add a host header to the web site via the MailEnable Administration program, under the Services|WebMail or WebAdmin branch.  Select the branch and select the "Add Host Header.." menu option.


For more information on configuring IIS, please refer to the respective Microsoft documentation.

Details on configuring MailEnable integration with IIS can be found in the MailEnable product manuals

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