Web mail and/or web administration will not function as virtual directories under ASP.NET managed websites


When attempting to access MailEnable web mail or web administration, ASP.NET will return a "Service Unavailable" error and may provide a stack dump indicating containing unspecified errors.


If a parent web site has been configured to use/utilize ASP.NET, then the settings for that web site will be inherited by any ASP.NET applications that are running under Virtual Directories of that web site.

For example, if Sharepoint or Dot Net Nuke has been enabled for the root web site to which MailEnable is attempted to be added as a virtual directory, the Sharepoint web.config will conflict with the MailEnable web.config file in the MEWebMail virtual directory.

Where there is a conflict in the settings or resources between these two web.config files, MailEnable .NET web mail/web administration cannot function on a web site that has other asp.net applications configured.


The potential solutions are these:

1. Configure Host Headers under IIS to have service.domainname e.g. webmail.yourdomain or mail.yourdomain. Instructions on how to configure host headers can be found in the MailEnable documentation. This is the recommended and preferred solution.

2. Rename any web.config files in the home directories of any sites that you wish to run MailEnable web mail as a virtual directory under. e.g. http://domain/mewebmail.

Note: This will break any ASP.NET application that was intending to use that web.config file (eg: Sharepoint).

3. Attempt to integrate the settings of the two conflicting web.config files. This is not recommended and is a trial and error/time consuming (perhaps even impossible task).

4. If you are using version 2 of MailEnable it includes an ASP version of the web mail which can be used instead of the .Net version.


For more information on configuring ASP.NET applications through the web.config file, please refer to the Microsoft Knowledge Base

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