ASP version of web mail and web admin displays a "Service Unavailable" error


"Service Unavailable" is displayed in the web browser that is accessing the ASP version of MailEnable Webmail/Web Administration when using IIS 6.0. 

Windows event log viewer displays warnings and errors with respect to "Event Source: W3SVC" at the same time the "Service unavailable" error is occurring.

Windows event log error examples:

Event Type: Error
Event Source: W3SVC
Event Category: None
Event ID: 1002
Date:  9/5/2006
Time:  8:24:30 PM
User:  N/A
Computer: COMPUTER
Application pool 'MailEnableAppPool' is being automatically disabled due to a series of failures in the process(es) serving that application pool.

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1. MailEnable Application Pool maybe running under a different account and not IME_ADMIN

2. IME_ADMIN is not part of the IIS_WPG group:

The MailEnable application pool identity is the name of the account under which the worker process of the application pool runs. So the reason why IME_ADMIN needs to be part of the IIS_WPG group is because all worker process identities must be members of the IIS_WPG group. If the worker process identity is not in the IIS_WPG group and does not have the appropriate privileges and permissions, the associated worker process will not start.


1. To resolve the issue in regards to an invalid user set to run under the MailEnable application Pool, either follow the Knowledge base article link displayed in the MailEnable Diagnostic Report under the "Web application" test section. Or you can do this manually by following the steps below:

a. Navigate within IIS 6.0 and expand the (local computer) branch.

b. Expand the following (local computer)>Application Pools>MailenableAppPool

c. Right click on "MailEnableAppPool" and select the "properties" link.

d. In the properties window navigate to the "Security" tab and ensure that the account the Application pool is running under is set to "IME_USER". If not then change this to IME_USER and set the same password for the IME_USER account.

e. Restart IIS for the changes to take effect.

2. To make IME_ADMIN part of the IIS_WPG follow the steps below:

a. Navigate to Administrative tools>Computer management

b. Next expand System tools>Local Users and Groups.

c. Select "Groups" to display a list of groups in the right hand side pane window.

d. Search for the "IIS_WPG" group and double click it to open the groups properties window

e. Select the "add" button and add the IME_ADMIN account to the group.


Configuring Application Pool Identity in IIS 6.0:

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