Error code 123 occurs when adding .NET web mail site to IIS using Plesk


Using the "Component Manager" web mail selector in Plesk, the following error occurs:

Error - Set default component failed: defpackagemng failed: Execute websrvmng --set-scripts --vhost-name=webmail(default)
--app-name=mewebmail "--scripts action='set'><script name='asp'/></scripts>"failed: The filename, directory name, or volume
label syntax is incorrect.  (error code 123) at GetNamedSecurityInfo()


The Plesk 7.5.6 interface does not support MailEnable .NET web mail. 


1. Upgrade to the latest version of the Plesk control panel.

2. Use the .NET version of MailEnable, selecting one of the following options:

Edit the "index.html" file within the Plesk default root folder path:

  1. Manually install the MailEnable web mail virtual directory under the "webmail(default)" website that Plesk uses. The following article explains the process:

  2. Next navigate to the directory of the Plesk website: inetpub\vhosts\webmail and open up the "index.html" file within notepad that contains the redirection for the default web mail interface that Plesk will use.

  3. Modify the following:  src= "/Horde to src="/mewebmail

  4. Save the file.

Use the MailEnable web mail website host header configuration:


  1. Create a DNS (A) record for web mail for each domain.  If Horde is not already set up to use the web mail record, then create the record as "web mail". The URL will be: If Horde is being used then this A record will have to either have to be changed to point to MailEnable web mail or another record should be used (e.g. mail)
  2. In the MailEnable Administration program > Servers > localhost > services > Webmail > Right click in right panel > New Host Header with:

(This step can also be created from within IIS in the normal Host Header manner)

For the site configuration in MailEnable;
Unassigned IP (unless required to be bound)
Port 80 (unless configured differently in IIS)
Base - (Enter what is required for this domain's default)
Skin - (Enter what is required for this domain's default)
Language - (Enter what is required for this domain's default)

  1. Start->Run->CMD in a command prompt enter "IISRESET"

3. Reinstall MailEnable version 1.x or 2.x and select the ASP version of web mail in the installation wizard. (Version 1 only contains the ASP version of web mail). Information on how to downgrade MailEnable can be found here:


Web mail not working when running Plesk - Service Unavailable:

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