How to Upgrade MailEnable on a Plesk Platform


Plesk distributes a version of MailEnable Standard Edition as part of its comprehensive provisioning platform.

Those using MailEnable in a Plesk environment may wish to upgrade the version of Standard Edition installed with Plesk. They may also wish to upgrade to Professional, Enterprise or Premium versions for enhanced features.

This article explains the options available to ensure you are running the latest version of MailEnable (or to upgrade to enhanced versions to provide end users with new and improved features).


MailEnable and Plesk work closely together to ensure compliance between software versions. Plesk listens to their users and passes on suggestions and questions to us if required.

Plesk has advised MailEnable that Version 9 of  MailEnable integrates with Plesk without any known issues. MailEnable's own testing confirms this.

Version 10 of MailEnable has since been released, and MailEnable has verified that there are also no known issues with the upgrade to Version 10.


The default install of Plesk is installed with the Standard Version of MailEnable. This is our entry level base platform which has the feature set that is outlined in the following link;

Upgrading this version is at no charge and can be completed at any time. This is a recommended process to ensure that you are running the latest version of MailEnable with the latest feature enhancements and changes/fixes to best provide a smooth and more secure operating mail server environment for you and your hosted clients. 

There is a mail out list or RSS feed available for subscription via the MailEnable web site home page to ensure that you are informed of any new version releases of the MailEnable product.  It should be viewed as being an important subscription for any hosting environment administrator given the secure and imperative uptime nature of email hosting services in the modern digital age.

Systems configured with Plesk can be upgraded in exactly the same way as regular installations of MailEnable. The process for upgrading the product can be found in the following link:

Article ME020040


If you want to upgrade MailEnable to a more feature rich Professional mail hosting product or our Enterprise flagship mail application then there are two other upgrade paths available for Plesk operators.

The next product up from the Standard version of MailEnable is the Professional version. More information on this product and what it contains can be found at the following link.  The upgrade directions for this are the same as outlined in the earlier upgrade article ME020040:

The premium product within the MailEnable suite is the Enterprise edition which has its feature set outlined in the following link:

If you are unsure about what product best suites your needs or are searching for a particular feature and need to find out which version of MailEnable contains it then you can compare using the feature matrix at the following link:


The following articles are relevant to Plesk installations and provide more information on configuring the environment:

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