Diagnosing quota mismatches for mailboxes


When you check the disk space used for a mailbox, it may not indicate the same size as what the administration program shows as being used.


In order to track quotas for a mailbox, the software uses files named _DIRSIZE.TMP, which are located in each folder for a mailbox. The root folder for a mailbox also contains a _DIRSIZE.TMP file, and this is the addition of all the other directories. This file in the root of the mailbox is what is used when displaying and checking the mailbox quota. If the _DIRSIZE.TMP files are deleted, they will be recreated when the folder is altered in some way by an email client, such as removing or adding a message. Some services will remove the _DIRSIZE.TMP file itself in order for the quota to be recalculated. 

When the quota for a mailbox is being read, it will take the size from the _DIRSIZE.TMP file if it is less than 20 minutes old. If older than this, or if the file does not exist, then it will be updated/created. To update the size it will sum the message sizes from the index files in each of the folders of the mailbox. The services will also add the file storage size when reporting on quota. The administration program just reports the mailbox email data size.


If message files are removed from a mailbox using the Windows file system, without the index files being updated, then the indexes may not match the email data and the quota reported in the administration program will be incorrect. To fix this, the index files need an update forced, with the following command in a command prompt:

for /f "usebackq delims=|" %f in (`dir /b /s /A:D "C:\Program Files (x86)\Mail Enable\Postoffices\[postoffice]\MAILROOT\[mailbox]"`) do copy "%f\_index.xml" "%f\_change.dty" /Y

The [postoffice] is the affected postoffice and [mailbox] is the affected mailbox. After doing this command, delete the _DIRSIZE.TMP file in the root of the mailbox. The administration program should then report the correct size.

Version 5 and Earlier

If you are using version 5 or earlier of MailEnable and you see the following warning within the MailEnable Diagnostic Report:

COM+ Registration Directory IWAM_MACHINENAME or EVERYONE group do not have access to the COM+ package registration directory (which is the default setting for a Windows 2000/2003 installation).. The IWAM_MACHINENAME account needs access to this directory in order to run COM+ applications. C:\WINDOWS\Registration

This means the IME_SYSTEM account does not have read access to the Microsoft Windows "registration" folder. Run the installation kit and perform the upgrade to see if this resolves the warning in the Diagnostic Report or manually assign the IME_SYSTEM account "read" permissions on the:  C:\Windows\registration folder.

Product:MailEnable (All Versions)
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Revised:Tuesday, January 14, 2020