How to configure a BlackBerry Mobile device to synchronize contacts, appointments and tasks using the MailEnable SyncML service.


This article explains how to configure a BlackBerry mobile device to use Funambol to synchronize contacts, calendar appoinments and tasks via the MailEnable SyncML synchronization service.


Requirements: Funambol BlackBerry plugin 10.0.1:

NOTE: Don't use OneMediaHub as this will only sync to the OneMediaHub service.

NOTE: To use SyncML requires a minimum of MailEnable Enterprise version 4 or MailEnable Professional version 6.

NOTE: Please consult within the Funambol Readme guide and the BlackBerry device Documentation for "Desktop Manager" on how to install the plug-in using the BlackBerry device "Desktop Manager" - "Application loader" option.

Ensure that the MailEnable SyncML option has been enabled. Follow the steps below:

  • Navigate within the MailEnable administration console to: Servers>localhost>Services>Synchronization.
  • Right click on "Synchronization" and select "properties" in the menu.
  • Next navigate to the "SyncML" tab and tick the box "Enable SyncML support".
  • Ensure the MailEnable HTTPMail service is running under: Servers>localhost>System>Services.

Blackberry Funambol configuration settings:

  • Server Location:
  • Username: mailboxname@postofficename
  • Password: ********
  • Sync Contacts:
    Remote Name: card
  • Sync Calendar:
    Remote Name: cal
  • Sync Tasks:
    Remote Name: task
  • Sync direction: two-way


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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016