How to configure an Apple iOS device to connect using CalDAV


This article explains how to configure iOS devices to synchronize calendar items via CalDAV. 


The CalDAV protocol is accessed either through the HTTPMail/Synchronisation service, or through IIS. By default only direct connection to the Synchronisation service will allow users to sync calendars. Firstly, make sure that you have enabled the CalDAV protocol in the administration program. To do this, open the administration program, expand the Servers->localhost->Services and Connectors branch, right click on the CalDAV/CardDAV icon and select properties from the popup menu. In the window that appears you can make sure it is enabled. You also have the option to publish the protocol through IIS. The difference in accessing directly or through IIS is how you configure the URL to access the service.

When you access CalDAV directly, your client needs to use the settings configured in the Synchronisation properties in the administration program. To view or change these, run the administration program, expand the Servers->localhost->Service and Connectors branch, right click on the Synchronisation icon and select Properties from the popup menu. By default the service listens on port 8080. When you configure the server name in your client you must use either a domain name that maps to the IP address that the service is listening on, or the IP address itself. The correct port must also be configured in the client.

If you are publishing the protocol through IIS, the server name you would use in your client would be a host name you have configured for the MailEnable Protocols site under IIS. i.e. the server name has to be one that you have configured under IIS for that IIS site.

To configure CalDAV under iOS:

  1. Navigate on the device to: Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars
  2. Next select within the accounts section select "Add Account" and select "Other"
  3. Within the  "Calendars" section select "Add CalDAV account"
  4. Server: this is the host name that resolves to the IP address the Synchronisation service is listening on, or is the host name that is configured for the MailEnable Protocols IIS site, if CalDAV is being published through IIS.
  5. User Name: mailboxname@postofficename
  6. Password: ******
  7. Once you click Next the device will try to discover the details of the server settings automatically. This may fail, so you then need to use the Advanced settings to configure your client.

Advanced Settings:

  1. Use SSL: Have this match the server configuration for CalDAV
  2. Port: The port number the Synchronisation service is running under, or the MailEnable Protocols sites port number 
  3. Account URL: (%40 is used instead of the @ symbol) or just

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Revised:Tuesday, February 6, 2018