How to store the MailEnable message store on a NAS server or mapped network drive


This article explains how to store the MailEnable message or configuration store on a NAS server or mapped network drive. You can use this article to configure a cluster of MailEnable if you are storing the configuration and email data for the cluster on the NAS. If you have the Enterprise or Enterprise Premium version of MailEnable installed, then you are able to configure two or more servers to connect to the same data, as they will handle the file sharing themselves.


  • Expand the MailEnable Management node in the administration program.
  • Right click on "Messaging Manager" and select "Properties" from the popup menu.
  • Under the "General" tab section specify the UNC path for the NAS server or mapped network drive. If you are configuring the Configuration to be on the nas, the Configuration Repository must point to the directory which contains the Config directory. You must also have the Bad Mail, Quarantine and Queues folders in this location. You would do this by copying them from the local server. The Message Store Repository must point to the directory which contains all the postoffice folders. You will need to copy any existing Postoffices folders from your server to the NAS.
  • Configure the mail services to run under a Windows account that has full permissions to these directories. This is where the majority of problems will occur - so it is best to use the IME_SYSTEM Windows account (an account the installation program created) to run the services under.
  • Restart all the MailEnable services and perform an IISReset within a Windows command prompt.
  • Next is to run the MailEnable Diagnostic Report to determine if there are any permission failures present on the Message store repository. You can test that it is working by creating a new mailbox account, logging into webmail and trying to send a message to an external domain, and then see if a reply comes back to you. If this works it indicates the permissions are correct.


The MailEnable services need to run under an account that has full permissions (read/write) on the NAS server or the mapped network drive. If there are permission failures reported within the MailEnable Diagnostic Report then follow the troubleshooting steps within the following knowledge base article:

Eg: Permissions: \\server\postoffices Failed: IME_ADMIN not granted access. Warning Fail

MailEnable Enterprise editions have the added ability of being able to cluster MailEnable Enterprise servers. This allows organizations to configure separate servers to act as front-end servers, leaving the message store on a NAS server or a mapped network drive. More information can be found here:

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016