How to update ClamAV virus definitions


This article explains how to update ClamAV virus definitions manually, or change how often the virus definitions are updated.


When you install MailEnable, and choose the option to install ClamAV, it will add a Windows service called ClamWin Free Antivirus Database Updater. This is the freshclam program, which is responsible for downloading the virus definitions. If you wish to update the virus database manually, you can run this application direct from Windows Explorer or through a command prompt. It is located at:

Mail Enable\Antivirus\ClamAV\freshclam.exe

If you wish to change options for freshclam, such as changing how often it checks, you can edit the configuration file, which is located at:

Mail Enable\Antivirus\ClamAV\freshclam.conf

Add the following line to adjust the checking times:

checks 12

This indicates how many times per day it will check for new virus definitions. You can use numbers between 1 and 50. The above example will check once ever 2 hours.

If you are behind a proxy, you may need to configure this by adding the following to the configuration file, changing the details to match your proxy:

HTTPProxyPort 8080


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Revised:Thursday, November 24, 2016