How to Diagnose/Troubleshoot generic serial SMS devices


This article explains the process of troubleshooting and diagnosing generic serial SMS devices with MailEnable's SMS Connector.


The following steps outline how to run the SMS connector service in debug mode and to capture detailed device information:

  • Configure the SMS Serial Device as outlined in the MailEnable Product Documentation.
  • Stop the MailEnable SMS Connector Service using the Windows Service Control Manager
  • From the windows command prompt type mesmsc -debug
  • Attempt to send an SMS message and wait for the connector console screen to report the send attempt
  • Capture the output of the console window using Edit | Select All and pressing enter
  • Paste it into notepad for detailed review


The data captured above will contain serial commands that have been sent to the device (examples: ATH and AT+CMEE=1). MailEnable will send special GSM serial commands to the device and wait for responses.

The device itself is responsible for processing the command and returning a response to MailEnable, and will do so depending on its compliance with the GSM Serial Specification.

In some cases, devices may return errors or require additional configuration in order to return a successful response.

You should review the SMS connector log for any error responses from the device. An example response would be: +CMS ERROR: 500

If you see such a response, you should identify which command caused the error response and then review the documentation of the device to identify the cause.

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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016