Enabling Outlook Connector logging for support


The Outlook Connector used with MailEnable Premium has extensive logging which can help support staff identify and resolve issues. This article shows how to enable the logging.


Logging can be enabled for the Outlook Connector under the Outlook account settings. When you are presented with the MailEnable configuration window, select the "Enable advanced configuration" checkbox. This will add extra tabs to the window, including a Troubleshooting tab. Click this Troubleshooting tab to display the logging options. Select the Enable logging checkbox and the appropriate log level. You have the option for New files each session. Leave this unselected, as it will help minimise the amount of log files that are generated. 

When you are generating log files for support, try to open Outlook, cause the problem, then exit Outlook in the least amount of steps as possible. The log files generated can be very large. If you have New files each session disabled then the log file will get overwritten each time you run Outlook. If you have this option enabled, monitor the size of the log file directory, as it can get very large.



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Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016