Why messages are in the SMTP Outbound folder


The SMTP outbound queue has messages with the status of Unsent.


Messages with the status of Unsent are messages waiting to be sent by the SMTP service. They would include any delayed emails, as well as ones that have not yet been sent. The Retry column will indicate the number of times the message has been retried, and the Last Error column an indication of why the message failed to be sent. Double clicking a message in the queue will show more details about the message. The delay notification sent to the original sender of the email will contain more details of why the message cannot be sent and you can also view the SMTP log details for the message by right clicking it in the queue and selecting View Send History from the popup menu. Lastly, the message tracking utility can also be used, if you need to track the message from the inbound through to the outbound over multiple days.



Class:INF: Product Information
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016