The MailEnable Outlook Connector does not stay enabled under Outlook COM Add-Ins dialog


Installing or upgrading the Outlook connector appears to stop any syncing to the server, and the MailEnable menu is no longer visible. When the COM Add-Ins dialog is shown under the Microsoft Outlook options area, you can see "MailEnable Connector for Outlook Addin" listed, but it does not remain selected when you close and open Outlook.


Have the most recent version of the Outlook Connector installed on your client. Then make sure the add-in is registered by opening a command prompt and running the command:

regsvr32 c:\windows\system32\MailEnableMS32.dll

If your system32 directory is in another location, change the path in the command line. If you are using a 32bit version of Microsoft Outlook on a 64bit version of Windows, then the location of the DLL will be syswow64 instead of system32. When this is done, open Outlook, open the COM Add-Ins option dialog and select the "MailEnable Connector for Outlook Addin". Then click the Remove button. After it is removed, click the Add... button and select the DLL MailEnableMS32.dll file from the Windows system32 directory. Close and open Outlook to see if the add-in is enabled.

If not, click the File menu in Outlook, and click the Manage COM Add-ins next to the Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins heading. If the connector is listed as disabled then click the button to enable it. Enter the Add-ins option page and make sure it is enabled. Exit Outlook and open again to make sure the connector is enabled correctly.

Lastly, if it still is disabled, click the File menu in Outlook and then click the Options menu. In the window that appears, click the Add-ins menu item on the left. Next to the Manage heading in the right there is a drop down option, so select Disabled Items from this and then click the Go button. If the connector is listed, select it and click Enable. Then change the drop down option to COM Add-ins and click Go again and make sure the DLL is enabled. Exit Outlook and open it again to make sure it is enabled.

Under Outlook 2016 you also can prevent the add-in being disabled by clicking the File menu, then the Info item. There will be a list of options presented, and select the Slow and Disabled COM Add-ins button. If the Outlook Connector is shown in the list displayed, click the Always enable this add-in button.




Product:MailEnable (ME-Any Pro-Any Ent-Any)
Class:PRB: Product Problem or Issue
Revised:Tuesday, April 13, 2021