Administration program showing incorrect sizes for mailbox listing


When listing mailboxes in the administration program the disk usage for mailboxes is not accurate or shows 0Kb. The Inbox Messages column may also show N/A.


By default when the administration program displays the mailboxes for a post office it uses precalculated sizes. These sizes are used for the quota of a mailbox, so that when a new message arrives the server can quickly do any quota calculations without iterating through all the messages and folders for a mailbox. The precalculated size may not be accurate due to a number of reasons, such as messages being imported directly into the message store, the mailbox receiving a large amount of messages recently, etc.  In some cases it may be up to 15 minutes out of date. The administration program can also be set to not display the inbox sizes, and in this case the inbox size will show N/A. If the administration program is not set to calculate sizes, then the Inbox Messages column will display N/A.


Within the MailEnable Administration program you can change how the mailbox size is calculated. Right click the Messaging Manager item in the left panel, and select Properties from the popup menu. Then click the Administration tab in the window that appears.

The option is "When displaying the mailbox list, disk usage is determined:"

1. Calculate sizes (slow) = Will enumerate through all post office messages and calculate size of mailboxes by adding the sizes. This will also show the number of messages in the inbox. If this is not set, then the Inbox Messages column will show N/A.

2. Use precalculated sizes (fast) = Will use last file size taken from a configuration file (no enumeration).

3. Dont show sizes (fastest) = Will not work out mailbox size.



Product:MailEnable (ME-Any Pro-Any Ent-Any)
Class:INF: Product Information
Revised:Wednesday, May 4, 2016