MailEnable MAPI connector account folders not correctly synchronised with the server


MailEnable MAPI connector account folders not correctly synchronised with the server.  


It is possible in earlier versions of the MailEnable MAPI connector that folders and folder content may not have been correctly sychronised with the server. This may have been caused by the paths stored in the local MAPI cache index files not matching the servers mailbox folder paths and thus would fail to synchronise. This could have also occurred when moving, deleting or renaming of a folder had been performed and failed.

These issues have been addessed in versions 2.x and later versions of the MAPI connector. However upgrading will not fix the problem if the client is in this state. Various methods of how to synchronise the messages back to the server are provided below.


Export/Import from an Outlook PST file:

You may have some success exporting the folder to an Outlook PST file. Although Outlook can be troublesome and fail to export if the message list contains messages that have never been downloaded from the server. Therefore in order to export you would need to iterate through the message list and delete any messages that are not displaying the contents and have not been downloaded from the server, since these are not recoverable in any case.

  1. Follow the Outlook knowledgebase articles or documentation on how to export a folder to a PST File.
  2. Once you have exported to a PST create a new folder.
  3. Follow the Outlook knowledgebase articles or documentation on how to import from a folder PST File and select to import the PST into the new folder created.
  4. Once completed the messages should be pushed up to the server in the new folder.

Copy/pasting messages from Outlook:

  1. Create a new folder on the local client machine hard drive or on the client machines desktop.
  2. In Outlook highlight all the messages in the folder that is not synced to the server.
  3. Drag the highlighted message list into the folder created in step 2. This will export the messages and convert them in to .msg format message files.
  4. Create a new folder in Outlook.
  5. Drag all the messages from the folder on the client machine back into the new folder created in Outlook. This should have pushed the messages back up the server within the newly created folder.

Third party Outlook PST recovery tool:

There are third party Outlook PST recovery tools that can be used to extract the messages from the PST and then saved as .eml files. This then allows the .eml message files (RFC 822 Standard format) to simply be renamed to .mai files (MailEnable message format) and dumped back in the mailbox folder on the server. Always ensure to place a _Change.dty file within the folder when manually copying .mai files to the mailbox folder path on the MailEnable server. A _change.dty file is simply an empty text file created in Windows Notepad saved as: _Change.dty

Some third party applications are listed below:

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