How to prevent loss of incoming mail when using the Migration Capture utility


This article explains how to configure a domain level smart host to prevent loss of incoming mail when using the Migration capture utility.


The recommended procedure when configuring a migration strategy from a legacy mail server is to change the DNS MX records for the domains hosted on the legacy mail server so that they point to the new MailEnable server. This will allow new messages to be routed to the new MailEnable servers recipients as they are being captured and created within MailEnable using the Migration Capture utility strategy (More information on how the utility works and detailed information in regards to each option within the utility can be found within the MailEnable Migration utility documentation located under the Windows Start menu: All Programs > MailEnable > Migration > Migration utility documentation).

However there maybe cases where some mailboxes on the legacy mail server have not authenticated or logged into their email clients and thus have not yet been captured by the MailEnable Migration utility. Therefore may result in new messages sent to the recipient address to be bounced back to the sender because the mailbox does not exist on the MailEnable server.

To work around this, configuring the domain within MailEnable to be smart hosted back to the legacy mail server will allow the new messages to still be accepted by the MailEnable server and routed back to the legacy mail server, preventing any loss of inbound mail that is destined to the mailbox that does not exist on the MailEnable server.

How to create a domain level smarthost within MailEnable:

  • Navigate within the MailEnable administration console to: Messaging Manager > Postoffices > (Postoffice name) > Domains
  • Right click on the domain and select properties.
  • Under the "General" tab tick the option for "Act as Smart Host".
  • Click the "Add..." button and specify the IP address of the legacy mail server.
  • Click "OK".



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