Purchasing Frequently Asked Questions


This article outlines frequently asked sales questions.


I am changing servers and I need a new license key, how do I get one?
Please see this article for full details: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020267

I've lost my registration details, how can I locate them?
Please review this article as it will assist us in locating licenses you may hold: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020300

How do I downgrade the version of MailEnable I have installed?
This article explains how to downgrade the version of MailEnable that you currently have installed: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020375

I need a copy of the invoice for my purchase, where can I obtain one?
You can retrieve a copy of the invoice from your Online Services account. The username and password will have been emailed to you when you purchased.

How do I upgrade MailEnable, can I retain all of my settings and data?
Upgrading, either minor updates, major upgrades or crossgrades are very straightforward. Your existing settings and data can all be retained. For full details, please see: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020040

How much do version upgrades cost, what downtime is involved, can I roll back to the previous version?
For a detailed FAQ on upgrading, please see: http://www.mailenable.com/upgrade/

Do I have to reinstall the software after I license it?
No, once you have purchased and generated a license key, you only need to enter the license key into your existing installation. 

Are there any restrictions on the evaluation that is available for download?
No, the evaluation versions available from the download page are unrestricted for the duration of the 60 day trial. Thereafter, some advanced features are disabled.

I received an email "Congratulations, your new e-mail account has been activated and is ready for use." Where did this message come from?
This message may have been sent to you because your ISP has activated a new mail account for your using MailEnable server software. They may have done this without you knowing. You should check this with your ISP. Just so you know how the message is generated, please see: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020027  This message may also be sent out if your mail service provider or your ISP made a change to your mailbox settings.

How do I keep a copy of all incoming/outgoing mail?
This can be done by defining filters within MailEnable. For more details, please see: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020414

What antivirus capability does MailEnable have?
MailEnable includes ClamAV in the Professional and Enterprise versions. The Standard version does not include ClamAV. It is possible to configure 3rd party command line scanners with the Professional and Enterprise versions, but most antivirus products do not have a suitable scanner, and performance is lower. You are able to use 3rd party SMTP antivirus proxies though to scan your email before it arrives at the SMTP service.

What anti-spam features does MailEnable Enterprise/Professional have?
Please see http://www.mailenable.com/features/antispam.asp

How effective are the inbuilt anti-spam mechanisms?
Some of the methods of anti-spam rely on third party information, such as reverse DNS blacklists and SPF (the first relies on people maintaining DNSs with the IP addresses of open relays, spammers, etc., and SPF relies on people adding SPF records for their domains). The Bayesian filter relies on how you train it with good and bad emails - so it can vary in effectiveness. The effectiveness of other methods such as checking for PTR records, requiring senders to use valid domain, etc does depend on how the spammer is sending. 

If you are concerned as to whether the product will suit your purpose, there is a generous 60 day trial period in which to evaluate the software before committing to buying it.  There are also other 3rd party solutions available that will work with MailEnable to reduce spam, such as anti-spam SMTP gateways. These have the advantage of working with all versions of MailEnable. Please see: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020344

I am getting lots of spam, how do I prevent this?
Please see this article on reducing spam: http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020008

How does the MailEnable Reseller program work?
Please see this article for more details http://www.mailenable.com?ID=ME020313

I want to become a reseller, but the form is not accepting my email address?
You need to purchase at least one copy of MailEnable first before you can apply to become a reseller. Once you have purchased, you will be able to use the email address you used to purchase to fill in the reseller form.

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