MagicSpam Premium Spam Protection

Extends MailEnable's anti-spam protection to stop spammers in their tracks.

MagicSpam Premium Spam Protection

MagicSpam is a simple to use, simple to install version of MagicSpam specifically built for MailEnable, and available in both a Standalone Version for MailEnable, as well as a version for MailEnable on Parallels Plesk.

Protection works during the SMTP phase to block spam BEFORE it gets accepted by your server, including the following methods...
  • Full Logging
  • IP Reputation
  • Admin Console
  • Exemption Lists
  • Patent Pending MagicSpam Spam Protection
This means less overhead, less bandwidth, and less backscatter.

MagicSpam is based on the same tried and true anti-spam protection in use at ISP’s and telco’s all over the world, and it is now available for Windows users as well.

This program is simple enough that anyone can use it, and it will make your life, and your customers much easier again.

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