Privacy Policy

MailEnable respects the privacy of others and is committed to protecting their respective rights to privacy through this privacy policy.

The following information is collected by MailEnable and is handled as commercial in confidence.

MailEnable will collect certain information about customers as part of its product registration process. Specifically this includes customer details that are published under Online Services (secured customer web pages that provide sales and licensing information as well as access to some premium services.

MailEnable Resellers can use the Online Services portal to register copies of MailEnable (on behalf of the end licensee). These details are handled with the same integrity as all other MailEnable private information.

Information collected by MailEnable is used for its own internal purposes including produce registration, product sales, product support and other product services.

MailEnable provides opt-in, two pass confirmation for its distribution lists. This approach ensures that the recipients of MailEnable notices have opted into such distributions.

MailEnable will not intentionally release any confidential customer related information to third-parties.

MailEnable Spyware/Adware Policy

MailEnable's policy on Spyware and Adware is that NO Spyware or Adware of any kind will ever be included with any of the products downloaded from this web site. Our products will never install any tracking software on your system or collect personal information about you and your browsing habits.

Specifically, MailEnable asserts that the MailEnable website and associated programs...

  • Will not generate popup advertisements
  • Will never use spyware or adware
  • Will only collect personal information with your knowledge and permission
  • Will take reasonable steps to ensure the security and privacy of your personal information

If you choose to download free trial versions of our software from our website, we assert that no other programs are being downloaded with it. You will be downloading only the program you requested.

Files available for download from the MailEnable website are scanned for worms, trojans, and viruses with the latest anti-virus programs and definition files to ensure that every file is clean.