MailEnable - Become a Reseller - Step 1 of 3

The MailEnable Reseller program allows you to purchase MailEnable licenses and then resell them to your customers. There are two reasons why this may be desirable:

  1. The reseller is provided with discounts for software purchases, allowing them to generate an income stream
  2. The reseller can extend their portfolio and use the product to complement existing services or offerings

The more licenses you purchase, the greater the discount that you receive for subsequent purchases. You can then either pass these discounts onto your customers, retain them as your profit or a combination of the two.

As a reseller, an Online Services Portal is provided so you can purchase licenses and then assign (sell) them to your customers.

To submit a request to become a MailEnable distributor please complete the following details. Once you have submitted your request, MailEnable will review it and send you the discount schedule.

IMPORTANT: To become a reseller you must have purchased at least one copy of MailEnable and the email address provided below should match your Online Services login.

Step 1a: Enter Your Company Details

  (email address registered at purchase, and used for your Online Services login)
  * Denotes mandatory fields

Step 1b: Enter Your Company History & Operation Details