RSS: MailEnable Version 3.61 Now Available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable
Professional and MailEnable Enterprise 3.61. Changes for version 3 include:

Imp: All directory entry fields are now editable through web admin
Imp: Can multi-select directory entries for deletion in admin
Imp: Added Barracuda DNS blacklist as option
Imp: Added AVG 8 preset to AV options
Imp: Reading messages in webmail is slightly faster
Imp: Clustered performance and service failure improved for services
Imp: Import to directory in administration program expanded to include all
Imp: Removed heavy html editor since no longer needed
Imp: Improved database performance and reliability
Imp: Can edit multiple redirections in webmail by using comma
Fix: When upgrading details of existing appointments in webmail that were
not all day events would not be visible
Fix: Antivirus scan DLL could fail on some messages and stop MTA service
Fix: EXAMINE command in IMAP was indicating permanent flags were available
Fix: STARTTLS was not being advertised by SMTP service when enabled
Fix: Bayesian filtering could crash on some messages
Fix: Baeysian was using all header information when autotraining when it
Fix: Editing a locked mailbox in administration program was producing error
Fix: Authentication could stop a service with some default postoffices
Fix: List service was could try to process an email twice in a cluster
Fix: Enabling Windows authentication after install may not work if software
was locked down
Fix: IMAP STATUS command was returning OK for folders which did not exist
Fix: If Windows drive was not NTFS the webmail may not install correctly
Fix: Some messages would only show a small portion when using IMAP on
Fix: Accessing MailEnable calendar using HTTPMail from Outlook was not
always working
Fix: Viewing/editing directory entries in admin program where there was no
extended properties will show first entry properties instead
Fix: Services could crash during reading an option in certain cases if the
database was unavailable
Fix: uuencoded attachments were not always downloadable in webmail
Fix: Multiple inline items in emails viewed in webmail may cause first one
not to be visible
Fix: Publishing a calendar via webdav to HTTPMail could apply timezone
offsets incorrectly to appointments
Fix: Using MESync to sync an all day event could make the event appear over
two days
Fix: Administration program could crash when you went to select an SSL cert
and there was a lot of them
Fix: Permission levels on iCalendar file hosting was not working correctly
and may deny access
Fix: Managed folders page in webmail was failing if over 255 folders in
Fix: Marking a group of messages read/unread in webmail with mixed
unread/read values would make unread count incorrect
Fix: Appointment reminder dialog was only showing in English and not
Fix: Could not select SSL certificates with common names with commas in
them, or certs with email addresses
Fix: Right clicking on image attachment being displayed and saving as in IE
might not work with some emails
Fix: SMTP AUTH was not returning 535 error for failed auths in CRAM-MD5 and
Fix: SMTP was giving incorrect error code on second EHLO. Changed to accept
Fix: The lightweight HTML editor now works with Safari, Opera and Chrome
Fix: Under load using encrypted passwords may prevent a login
Fix: Link highlighting for plain text emails in webmail now will recognise
https links
Fix: Some rfc822 attachments in webmail were not able to be downloaded
Fix: Multiple concurrent actions on directory in webmail could cause contact
list to not fully populate
Fix: Provider migration utility would create invalid DSN if ODBC driver DLL
was not in the Windows system directory
Fix: Server does not buffer output for sync utility in order to prevent
client timing out when requesting large amount of data
Fix: , and ; keys were not working as delimiters in FireFox for entering
recipients in webmail
Fix: Address resolution error dialog in webmail could be displayed in the
wrong place
Fix: If migration utility is set to create mailboxes for all auth attempts,
web admin would fail to add mailbox correctly
Fix: In webadmin, if allowing unlimited mailbox size, you could not set new
mailbox to lower

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 3 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

Product: MailEnable
Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Mon, 2 Mar 2009 10:56:09 +1100