RSS: MailEnable version 3.62 update now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable
Professional and MailEnable Enterprise 3.62. This update brings over 50
fixes and changes to MailEnable.

Changes for this update include:

Add: Added "Limit Smarthost Recipients" (value 0 or 1) SMTP registry key to
limit outbound recipients per email for smarthosts
Add: Replaced Spamhaus SBL XBL preset with ZEN
Add: When deleting a directory entry it will ask whether you want to delete
the contact details if they are mapped to mailbox
Add: All the directory fields can be seen under the mailbox contact
properties in the administration program
Add: When deleting a directory entry you are now prompted to delete contacts
for mapped mailbox
Imp: Importing Windows users can now do this from an AD domain
Imp: Scrolling messages lists in webmail can be much faster
Imp: Logging into webmail on a big folder is now faster if the banner/usage
is not being displayed
Fix: Adding word list in admin program for filtering will remove the extra
space around words since they are not used
Fix: List confirmations may be denied on some folded subject lines
Fix: IMAP SEARCH NEW was not returning correct results
Fix: IMAP recent flags were not being cleared properly after a new mailbox
session was completed
Fix: IMAP was allowing flags to be set on folders when EXAMINE was used
Fix: IMAP was not returning unseen first message sequence for EXAMINE
Fix: SMTP service could fail when allowing unlimited amount of recipients
Fix: Migration utility will not append @postoffice on usernames when trying
to authenticate/migrate remote IMAP
Fix: Migration utility could fail on IMAP servers that returned multiple
responses for the same message
Fix: Migration utility would fail to migrate mailboxes with unquoted
heirachy delimiters
Fix: Migration utility would try to select non-selectable folders
Fix: Migration utility was not logging out after migrating mailbox
Fix: Removed DSBL blacklists from install since they are no longer available
Fix: Forwarding email in webmail which was only an attachment type was not
forwarding the attachment contents
Fix: SMTP URL blacklisting improved to detect more links in emails
Fix: Postoffice level filtering administration was not loading word file
from correct path for filtering
Fix: When using the Edit button in administration program to edit word list
it may edit the wrong word list
Fix: On new installation, the option to move junk messages to junk folder
was set to by postoffice, but administration program was showing it was
moving to inbox
Fix: HTTPMail service could crash when uploading calendar changes via
Fix: Using %SUBJECT% literal in scripted filters was not escaping quotes
which would not execute the script
Fix: All header lines are checked for password to remove in password
protected lists
Fix: When creating links for email addresses in plain text emails in
webmail, _ and + were not being recognised as part of email
Fix: Migration utility could leak memory slowly
Fix: Priority flag was not visible in webmail for messages in Drafts folder
Fix: Memory leak in LDAP service when authenticating with mailbox@postoffice
instead of just mailbox
Fix: Memory leak when getting contact properties of a mailbox which has no
directory information stored
Fix: Memory leak when getting contact properties of a mailbox where the data
has been store in quoted-printable encoding
Fix: NDRs may not be sent if outbound SMTP was forced to a specific IP
Fix: If webmail group was missing GRP file of members, sender would get .Net
Fix: Sending to an empty group in webmail was not giving error indicating
that there was no recipients
Fix: Report as spam menu option in webmail was not moving messages from
Public folders
Fix: Read receipts in web mail now indicate that the read time is in GMT
Fix: When setting a mailbox to have quota limit you could not set it to
unlimited via web admin if accessed with ADMIN mailbox
Fix: When deleting a mailbox in the admin it now removes the directory entry
for the mailbox
Fix: Items in the outbound postoffice connector queue were not being reset
if there was an program/database error in previous attempt
Fix: Only editing display name for directory entry in administration program
was not working
Fix: Editing directories entries in webadmin was not fulling updating
display name so these changes were not visible in webmail
Fix: Webmail would treat two recipients emails as one if seperated by a
space if there was another email seperated by a semi-colon
Fix: MTA could crash if incorrect command files were written into the queue
Fix: Whitelisting senders in webmail will now also prevent messages marked
as spam by global filter being delivered to junk folder
Fix: Installing MailEnable to a long path could cause postoffice connector
to crash when generating an NDR for a disabled mailbox
Fix: Display issue in Chrome which stopped message, tasks and contacts list
from being displayed
Fix: Reaching the limit of lists in webadmin without refreshing page was
still allowing more lists to be added
Fix: Calendar folder item in webmail was showing that there were unread
messages inside it
Fix: URL encoded content-location header items for embedded images may not
be found to display inline images in webmail
Fix: Created a new directory entry was not saving some of the business
Fix: Wrong popup menu items were being shown for mailboxes in web
Fix: Messages which were just attachments were not being indexed as
indicating they had any
Fix: Various display issues when using Webadmin with Google Chrome

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 3 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

Product: MailEnable
Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Wed, 10 Jun 2009 16:10:47 +1000