RSS: MailEnable Version 4 Beta Overview

MailEnable version 4 beta is scheduled to be released before the end of
July and will include the following additions and enhancements:

SyncML (with WBXML)
MailEnable Outlook Connector (MAPI Client/Server)
SMS Connector Service
Mobile Webmail Client
Server Storage and Storage Publishing
Significant WebMail Functional Additions and Features
Domain Keys Signing, Verification and Filtering
Mailbox Event Reporting
Advertising and Campaign Management
Message Send/Receive Archiving
Improved Platform Administration (Log File Compression and Archiving)
Other Minor Functional Editions and Announcements (TBA)

Further announcements will be made providing more detail on the
functionality through MailEnable's web site. The specifics of these features
(including functionality per version, additional enhancements and features,
etc) will be announced on the MailEnable web site before the beta is

More information on the above-mentioned features can be found at

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