RSS: MailEnable version 4 now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of the version
4 both MailEnable Enterprise and Professional. This is our most significant
update yet, and will help you provide a cost effective yet advanced solution
to your end users. Improving on an existing stable base, version 4 adds
various new services, improved webmail, and useful extensions.

Install kits can now be downloaded from our website.

Some of the exciting new features are:

New Enterprise services:
SyncML - synchronise your mobile devices with the server. Tasks,
appointments, contacts can all be synced.
Mobile web client - for users who want lightweight mobile access for basic
email access.
SMS connector - email to SMS, either by using your own phone or an SMS

Updated webmail client:
Faster - optimised loading and access which can be up to twice as fast
Server side file storage - save your attachments to the server, or upload
File publishing - users can send URL links to other people to view file
storage folders
Rotate your own banners for users, which can be used for advertising or just
informational images
Overlay shared calendars, add appointments faster, and more...

Improved antispam features:
DKIM - help ensure that emails come from who they say they are
Abuse detection - detect and block attacks automatically

Other additions:
Activity reporting - view recent activity for a mailbox
SMTP TLS outbound sending
POP Retrieval service now supports SSL
Message archiving - save messages as they pass through the server
Log file archiving - compress older log files automatically
Statistics program improvements
and more...

Discounted upgrades are also now available.

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Revision Date: Tue, 6 Oct 2009 15:14:15 +1100