RSS: MailEnable 4.23 updates now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is proud to announce the release of MailEnable version
4.23 updates for all current products. These updates include various fixes
and improvements.

Some of the changes and fixes for this update include:

Add: List-Unsubscribe header option added for list server
Add: IP bindings can now be enabled for outbound SMTP messages
Fix: Webmail HTML editor was not working under Turkish regional settings
Fix: Sync utility could report server had no items
Fix: Saving attached files from subdirectories in webmail to My Files was
producing JS error
Fix: IMAP was allowing SEARCH without folder selected, as it was defaulting
Fix: Passwords were not case senstitive with databases
Fix: Quoted Printable encoding in webmail was not wrapping at 76 characters
Fix: IMAP crash possible when checking parameter lists for commands
Fix: IMAP flag and UID fetches are much faster
Fix: Reduced the memory IMAP was using
Fix: IMAP was creating worker threads which were not needed
Fix: Crash in webmail when adding large information into contact details
Fix: Doing an IMAP STATUS on a folder which did not exist while another
selected will stop fetches working until folder reselected
Fix: Copy multiple messages from one folder to another in IMAP may mark
messages as read
Fix: Hoodoo and gun metal skins were missing fill image for quota gauge
Fix: Long paths to queue folders would stop list server from writing out
notification messages
Fix: Admin was not indicating the list service needed restarting when
changing some list options
Fix: Backup utility Calculate Size option was adding sizes of options that
were not being backed up
Fix: Backup utility was including cluster, connections, and spell checker
dictionary directories
Imp: METray connection list headings changed to make more sense
Imp: HooDoo/Clear skins available in web admin now

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 4 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

Product: MailEnable
Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Mon, 17 May 2010 15:37:38 +1000