RSS: MailEnable Version 9.5 Release

MailEnable is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable 9.5 (Standard, Professional, Premium and Enterprise Editions).

These releases include the additional functionality for version 9.5.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Version 9.5 includes Multi-Factor Authentication, providing users with additional security when accessing Webmail and Web Administration.

Users can optionally be challenged for an additional code when they access webmail/webadmin from a new region or IP address.
The code is generated using clients like Google Authenticator.

The implementation is quite extensive and is available at the link below:

Manage MailEnable via PowerShell

Administrators can now easily manage MailEnable with single line PowerShell commands.

It takes only one line to add a new Postoffice/Domain under MailEnable. Here is an example:

New-MailEnablePostoffice -Domain "" -Postoffice "" -AdminUserName "ADMIN" -Password "pwd1234"

You can also now write simple scripts to perform batch operations across the MailEnable platform.

Other than Microsoft, MailEnable appears to be the only Windows based messaging and collaboration platform to provide this level of PowerShell integration.

The PowerShell reference has much more information and can be viewed at:

Manage MailEnable Platform Services via WebAdmin

System administrators now have the option to use both the browser and/or Microsoft Management Console (MMC) to manage MailEnable services.

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MailEnable now provides native interfaces for managing messaging services via the browser, Remote Desktop and command line.

WebMail Functionality

Version 9.5 provides the ability to archive messages within the WebMail client.


If you have a version 9 license or current Annual Upgrade Protection (AUP) you can obtain the update at no additional cost.

For those running previous versions of MailEnable, you can check your current license and upgrade options through Online Services.

New features are disabled by default, and you will need to enable them via the Management Console or Web Administration.


The release can be downloaded from

More Information

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