RSS: MailEnable Version 6.78 now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable
Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium 6.78. Recent changes include:

FIX: Installation update overwrites RDNS custom response settings
FIX: IMAP UID STORE fails to work when sent without brackets in command
FIX: DKIM may find incorrect Signature in messages
FIX: DKIM does not resolve CNAME
FIX: EAS gives incorrect notifications to IMAP on multiple deletes that experience deletion failures
FIX: Subfolders containing an underscore could not be accesed via WebDAV clients (UTF7 encoding problem)
FIX: Currently EAS ping commands will expire after 2 minutes, without considering or notifying the client of the maximum heartbeat interval.
FIX: EAS not supports and caches concurrent Sync requests to the same folder (some devices would issue concurrent requests and the server would cache the last completed request rather than the last issued)
FIX: EAS licensing is now handles licensing server outages
FIX: SMTP NDRs get converted to normal messages when they fail to send
FIX: Web Services request may yield an exception when attempting to access asmx files (.NET assembly incompatability)
IMP: Added additional registry key to provide more control over the reported ActiveSync Supported Versions. This specifically allows allows EAS support to be downgraded to 12.1 (since some devices (S3 as example) have problems with Hanging Sync support.
FIX: Fix for introduced bug with listing messages within WebMail (messages containing non-utf8 characters may prevent complete index load in webmail).
IMP: EAS, CardDAV and MAPI now provide multiple postal addresses
FIX: Malformed messages synchronised via EAS may cause application pool to quickly spike in memory with high CPU
FIX: CardDAV would not correctly escape VCards and would prevent contacts with extended characters in e-mail addresses from showing
FIX: IMAP UID STORE fails to work when sent without brackets in command]
FIX: DKIM does not resolve CNAME records

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 6 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

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Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Mon, 28 Jan 2013 10:56:09 +1100