RSS: MailEnable Version 8.51 now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable
Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium 8.51.

Recent changes include:

FIX: Added link/url button for new editor in webmail
FIX: Editor Languages will now work with button label translations
FIX: Reduced the efficiency and behaviour of the indexing service
IMP: Significantly reduced memory footprint of IMAP service
FIX: Core services may leak memory over time
FIX: IMAP AUTH LOGIN was returning BAD instead of NO for invalid password
FIX: IMAP CRAM-MD5 returned text for failed logins is improved
FIX: Removed TinyMCE popup menu to allow browser copy/paste and spell check
FIX: IMAP NOOP command may place additional load on server if folder is marked with changes (via _change.dty file)
FIX: WebAdmin welcome page would displays links to some options even if they are disabled
FIX: WebAdmin was not creating mailbox special folders upon creation
FIX: Autoresponder now logs to the postoffice connector debug log that it fired
FIX: Right click action for disabling a mailbox in new MMC Admin was not also disabling login
FIX: Improved the layout and function of the port bindings for SMTP Connector within the MMC Admin
FIX: Accepting meeting change in webmail was not updating the VCAL times in the underlying appointment data (VCALENDAR)
FIX: Forwarding a message in webmail would not add Message-Id header when generating compound message
FIX: ActiveSync will now permit previous sync key re-use when no changes have been detected (reducing the need to resync folders upon communication error)
ADD:  Ability to have a global autodiscover configuration file (which is used when domain specific settings are not supplied)

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 8 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

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Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Wed, 11 Jun 2014 10:56:09 +1100