RSS: MailEnable Version 8.53 now available

MailEnable Pty. Ltd. is pleased to announce the release of MailEnable
Standard, Professional, Enterprise and Premium 8.53.

Recent changes include:

* IMP: Improved the resilience of Outlook/2013 ActiveSync synchronisation
* IMP: Improved the speed and resource usage when synchronising large mailboxes via EAS
* IMP: Improved the layout and content of the services overview screen when accessing the Synchonisation Service URL
* IMP: ActiveSync now implements the Preview field when it is requested
* FIX: Updated HTML Editor to latest version of TinyMCE
* FIX: ICS/iCalendar Sharing will not allow access to shared mailbox calendars
* FIX: Some messages could not be blacklisted/whitelisted from message list right click menu
* FIX: Outlook EAS is would not immediate sync nested subfolders until the client was reopened.
* FIX: Setting a POP retrieval entry to disabled when using MySQL or SQL Server does not disable it unless you remove it.
* FIX: Improved the HTML parsing of webmail messages (some messages/tags would be stripped when they did not need to be)
* FIX: EAS was not sending down the correct TZ recurrence information
* FIX: Diagnostic Utility did not report URL blacklisting status
* FIX: MailEnable could attempt to create connection reporting files for IMAP,POP and SMTP in root drive (if the registry key was not defined)
* FIX: The iOS configuration screen on small devices was not scaled correctly
* FIX: Webmail upload limit property page in admin would crash if the maximum allowed content length was over 1gb

Downloads can be found at

If you have not yet upgraded to version 8 from an earlier version, you can
find trial versions on our web site and upgrade information can be found at

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Version: All Versions
Revision Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2014 10:56:09 +1100