MailEnable Support Overview

Free Support Resources

If you are experiencing difficulties with MailEnable products, it is very likely that the issue has already been addressed through the following resources:

Contacting MailEnable Product & Technical Support

If you cannot find an existing answer to your problem from the above resources and require the assistance of a MailEnable technician, please submit a support request by clicking on Submit Support Request below.

If you wish to submit product feedback or defects, please click on Feedback/Defect Report below.

Submit Support Request

Use this option to get help from a MailEnable technician. Please note that a use of a Support Token may be required, see below for types of requests that require a support token.

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Evaluation Support

If you are currently running MailEnable in evaluation please use this form to submit support requests. You will need your evaluation code. The evaluation code can be viewed by running the Diagnostic Utility.

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Feedback/Defect Report

Send us a product related suggestion or defect, without needing the assistance of a support technician. Please note that a support staff may contact you for further details regarding a defect.

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Licensing and Sales

If you have a licensing or sales query, please use this form. You can also email us at

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Support Tokens

When required, the use of a support token ensures providing you with premium services, as this helps MailEnable recover the costs associated with providing tailored support and prompt resolution.



Response Time


Standard (Class B) normal 1 business day $80 USD
Emergency (Class A) high 2 hours (24/7) $180 USD
Installation normal scheduled (business hours) $140 USD
Evaluation normal 1 business day Free

Standard (Class B)

Normal priority response. You will be contacted within 1 business day.

Emergency (Class A)

High priority response (24/7), available for critical situations. You will be contacted within 2 hours.


Available for those who require an engineer to remotely install the MailEnable software onto your server and verify the integrity of the installation.


Available for general enquires during the software evaluation period.

Support Packages

Support packages are available for businesses that require large scale deployments.


Standard Tokens

Emergency Tokens



Bronze 2 - 3 months Included
Silver 5 - 12 months $340 USD
Gold 11 3 12 months $1,200 USD
Custom - - - Contact Us



Complimentary support package when you purchase a new MailEnable product license.
Includes 2 x Standard support tokens.
Valid for 3 months



Includes 5 x Standard support tokens. Suitable for businesses with multi-server installations needing occasional access to support.
Valid for 12 months



Includes 3 x high priority Emergency support tokens, and 11 x Standard support tokens. Suitable for businesses that require emergency contacts and prompt response times.
Valid for 12 months


Design your own packages tailored to your business's specific needs. Please contact us to discuss your options.

How to Purchase Support Tokens

Support Tokens can be purchased during the submission of a support request via the Online Support Request Form. Otherwise, support packages can be purchased via the following methods: NOTE: Support tokens are non transferable, however tokens can be issued by a MailEnable Reseller. For detailed terms & conditions, please see our Support Policy.