MailEnable - Support Request Type

MailEnable aims to provide high quality support to MailEnable customers. In order to achieve this, MailEnable categorises support request types and use token 'classes' as a means of prioritizing the responsiveness of support.

Support request types allow the MailEnable Support Ticket System to direct your request to the most appropriate person. Request categories are as follows:

Request Type





Sales, Reseller, Licensing etc. FREE FREE FREE FREE
Installation Related Issues FREE FREE FREE FREE
Product Defect Reports FREE FREE FREE FREE
Evaluation Requests N/A FREE FREE FREE
Technical Support Token Token Token Token

Support Token Classes

For those support requests that require technical support, the following tokens are available for purchase.

Class A tokens - $180 USD per incident (high priority response) will be responded to within 2 hours of receipt.

Class B tokens - $80 USD per incident (This includes complimentary Support Tokens, bundled Support Tokens) will be responded to within one business day of receipt. See "Responsiveness" on our support page for our current local time. Class B tokens can be purchased in bundles at a discounted rate, as detailed below.

Support Token Bundles



You Save

Product Service Agreement (Silver)   (5 x Class B Support Tokens, valid for 12 months) $340 USD $60 USD

Purchasing Support

Support packages can be purchased via the following methods...
IMPORTANT: Support Tokens are non-transferable (except by MailEnable Resellers). For detailed terms and conditions, please see our Support Policy.