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This form allows you to submit a query or support request. Once a support ticket is raised, it is placed in a prioritized queue for review by a staff member, depending on its content.

In order to provide premium support, MailEnable needs to recover the costs associated with knowledgeable advice and prompt resolution. MailEnable provides high quality support as well as providing an excellent mail server platform and may require the use of a support token to facilitate servicing your request. Support tokens can be purchased after filling in the ticket below, or purchased in a bundle at a reduced rate. Please click here for more details about support bundles.
Please complete as much information as possible about your configuration and environment. Completeness of information will significantly improve the efficiency of servicing your request.

The current time at the support office is 4:33:54 AM Monday, December 11, 2023.

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* Registered users should use their exact online services e-mail address.
* This address is used as an alternate contact address where the above address is not contactable (e.g. Hotmail). If your server has issues receiving mail you should specify an alternate address.

To locate your Evaluation Code, please run the Diagnostic Report
Note: Please use the Diagnostic Report to determine the version of MailEnable you are running. If you are not running the most recent version of MailEnable, please check the product download page for updates that address your issue before lodging a support call.

Step 2 of 5: Issue Description

* Important: Including the server's diagnostic report will significantly improve the resolution time. Files over 10MB in size can be submitted after the ticket has been raised.
* This is used to allow us to remotely query your server to check relay settings etc.

Step 3 of 5: Request Details

This section allows you to outlined the nature of the issue you are experiencing.

Note: The Severity classification is purely to give support engineers more information about the problem you are experiencing. The following section outlines the target response times associated with this submission.
MailEnable provides the following classes of ticket submissions. These types are associated with the level of responsiveness you will receive:

If you have prepurchased support packages, or have a support token, please select Class B

Learn more on these selections

Note: To have your request attended to with priority, submit it as a paid request. If the issue is deemed to be a defect or problem that should reasonably be addressed by MailEnable, the payment may be refunded, unless you have submitted an Emergency (Class A) token, as these are non-refundable.
IMPORTANT: Once you have submitted your support request, you will receive a confirmation mail message. Please ensure that you reply to this message attaching the respective MailEnable System Logs (Debug, Activity, W3C) to assist in diagnosing the issue. In particular, if you are submitting an application defect it is imperative that you send through your diagnostic report as well as any logs relating to the module to which you are reporting a defect in.

Alternatively, you can supply Terminal Services/Remote Desktop access at the end of submitting the support ticket. Please see the KB regarding how to access these logs and the diagnostic report.