Parallels Plesk Automation Integration

MailEnable and Parallels have partnered to allow customers to manage their MailEnable server from within Parallels Plesk Automation.

The MailEnable APS Connector allows actions performed within Parallels Plesk Automation, such as creating and configuring domains and mailboxes, to be executed automatically in MailEnable.

This means the most common mail server tasks can be performed simply from within Parallels Plesk Automation, without any requirement to touch the MailEnable server.

Visit the Parallels website for more information on Parallels Plesk Automation.

MailEnable APS Connector

To manage MailEnable from Parallels Plesk Automation, download and install the MailEnable APS Connector (BETA).

After installing the connector, read the Managing MailEnable from Parallels Plesk Automation document to learn how to configure MailEnable to allow it to be managed by Parallels Plesk Automation.